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looking for a 2x2 intake that will fit a 32 Buick 270 8 cyl.

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I am looking for a 2x2 intake that will fit my 1932 Buick 60 series 8cyl. Right now it is still all stock and runs fine but the carb leaks real bad so looking for a down draft setup to give it a little more performance when climbing the Donner Summit when I take it to Reno for Hot August Nights.

It made it up there from Sacramento 2 years ago but would not go over 45 on the steep parts, the rest of the time 60-65 was no problem.

Even a single 2 barrel down draft intake would work. Please PM me if you have anything that will work.

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Guest ronsoldcars

I have a 32 56 series Buick that I woudl like to change to a down draft carb.  Any info and help would be appreciated.  I just purchased the car and it is not running well at all.  We cleaned out the carb and that did not seem to help.  I had to replace the engine water jacket cover.  When we removed the old one, you would not believe how much crap we found inside the caveties.  Right now, I just need help on converting to a down draft carb


Ron Ayers



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You can flip the intake upside down and make an adapter for a single two barrel.    Rochester WCFB carb from a 52' Buick works great.  


Otherwise the spacing is different than the newer 248/320 engines that Edmunds built manifolds for.  Your only option is a custom made intake or purchase the Edmunds and modify the spacing.  The cost of the Edmunds and then cutting it up doesn't make sense.  A new one from scratch makes more sense.  

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