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The Start of Automobile History in the U.S. - 1893 Duryea Building Restored.


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[h=1]Dr. David Peck, general contractor Craig Sweitzer renovate former Duryea building in downtown Springfield[/h]

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Brian and Michael Sweitzer work for their father, general contractor Craig Sweitzer, at the new location of Dr. David I. Peck, D.M.D.'s Taylor Street Dental Associates practice in the Stacy Building at 41-43 Taylor St., Springfield. The Stacy Building is where Charles and Frank Duryea made by hand the first American gasoline-powered car. (The Republican / Mark M. Murray)

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<!-- /#article_inset --> <!-- Article --> SPRINGFIELD - The Stacy Building at 41-43 Taylor St. downtown was the birthplace of the Duryea and of the American auto industry.

Now, the building itself is being reborn, with the help of contractors Craig Sweitzer & Co., into new offices for dentist Dr. David I. Peck.

Peck has had offices downtown since 1985, but he needed more space than his current location at 174 Worthington St., provides.

"We wanted to continue to serve the downtown," Peck said. "The new location is actually more convenient to the parking we provide than Worthington. We also want to be here for the people who live and work downtown, and for people who want to come here and enjoy everything Springfield can provide."

14135020-large.jpgView full size Craig Sweitzer, general contractor, working at the new location of Dr. David I. Peck D.M.D., Taylor Street Dental Associates practice at 41-43 Taylor St. It is located in the Stacy Building, where Charles and Frank Duryea made by hand the first ever American built gasoline powered car. Mark M. Murray

He didn't say how much buying and renovating the Stacy building cost him, only acknowledging a "significant investment." At 3,700 square feet, the fourth-floor office dental offices will have nine treatment rooms. That is up from the five rooms Peck has now.

He also promised a modern, urban feel with exposed brick.

"It's all about making our patients feel welcome and making our patients feel comfortable," he said.

He plans to have the new offices open in June or July.

NAI Plotkin real estate brokers and property managers sold the building to Peck, President Evan Plotkin said. Plotkin said he'll keep his offices on the first floor, renting from Peck.

Contractor Craig Sweitzer and his family have made a specialty out of dental offices, having built more than 70 such facilities in the Pioneer Valley over the past two decades.

Dental offices are tricky, Sweitzer said, because they have to be plumbed and wired to accept equipment, and have lines for suction and medical gasses. Walls have to be built to take the weight of equipment.

The third floor is being turned into regular office space available to tenants.

The Stacy Building is where brothers Charles and Frank Duryea built the first American gasoline-powered car in 1893. By 1896, the brothers were making 13 cars a year at the location.

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Great that the building is being saved and renovated, one sometimes wishes it had a more apt use (i.e. old automobiles!) but at least it'll still be there. Neat story, Ed!!

There's a portion of an old building here in Winchester, that was once the Winchester Woolen Mills. My understanding is that this company (and I'm sure others) once supplied wool fabric for Model T closed cars.

It's now converted to an office building. When I first moved to Winchester a couple of decades ago, it was an abandoned building, and at the time I sure wished that I had the funds to turn it into a car museum, which didn't happen but at least some of the architecture was saved.

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Great, Steve. I sent the Dr. this email:

Dr. Peck...I've heard of your new location at the Stacy Building in Springfield. I'm a car enthusiast, and interested in the building's former use as the Duryea car factory. I'm also a member of the AACA (Antique Automobile Club of America) which features the car made in your building in its logo. If you are interested, we can send you an enameled aluminum sign of the logo to hang in your new offices. I'd be happy to send you a photo of it. Just let me know. Our web site is aaca.org. Thanks, and best of luck! Philip Jamison

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I got a positive reply from Dr. Peck (below). Perhaps a local AACA group will take him up on his offer!

Steve, I'll send you his info.

Hi Philip

Wow that would be great. Please send those items. Maybe one day we can have an AACA show at the building and lot. That would be amazing. If you are ever in the area it would be my pleasure to provide a tour. We have demoed the 3 rd and 4 th floor to the base so you can see everything in preparation in building my new dental office

Thank you for finding me.


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