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Lincoln water pumps

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Hey there fella's, its been a while since I have been on this site, but I wondered if anyone had the name of the guy that rebuilds water pumps.... he did both of mine on my 39 (that I no longer own) but I am helping a guy get his old V-12 up and running, also... the gentleman that does the coil and distributor... Dee, I don't know if you still mess with them??


Jeff Mabry

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Thanks Dee and V12, good to hear from you guys!

Yes, Skip did mine on my old 39' I just forgot his name...

Dee are you still tinkering with distributors and coils? If not, who would you recommend?

Thanks again, I hope all is well with both of you!!

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John, The last I heard was that "Old Abe" ended up in New Zealand.... I got an email for a guy that bought it....I kinda miss it too, but something will come up...

Thanks again, I remember that Jake did my dist. and Skip did my pumps... Good to see all of you fellas still talking about the good old V-12's

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