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Hello, I´m trying to find a Crankshaft Sprocket ( Dual) Original Jag reference ( C 1612 ), the one at the bottom of the the distribution chain, attached at the front of the crankshaft.

My car is a 1947 Jaguar MK IV 2.5 litre. The 3.5 litre engine used the same dual sprocket as the 2.5 litre. ( same reference )

Thank you very much for any help regarding a supplier of the sprocket in need.

Kind regards


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Hello Mario

I am sorry but when I had a look at my spare SS100 3.5 Litre crank the sprocket had gone already. Probably Mikes suggestion is more practical.

My SS 3.5 Litre Special is now in Switzerland.

I have also sent you a P.M. with contact details of the Australian "pushrod" Jaguar gruru.




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Thank you very much to both for the replies.

The first company that I have contacted was " Worceseter Classic Spares", Simon Whitworth, the manager is a very nice person an very helpful, he normally provides all the parts that I need for my Mk IV, but sadly he has not the sprocket that I need in stock, but he is trying to modified with his machine shop, and XK 120 bottom sprocket to fit in my MK IV. In any way I´m going to contact with the Australian Jaguar Guru, and perhaps he can help me to find the proper sprocket.

Bj. Your SS 3.5 Litre Special looks very nice, it´s a beauty, sadly that it has gone to overseas.

This is my MK IV 2.5 litre. RHD. Imported from Adelaide, Australia.


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