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How to refinish '64 power seat rail


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I could use another round of help from the board:

I have my '64 power seat out and apart. I'm refinishing the 'rail' that the seat rides on. I have questions about how best to refinish it and lubrication. Pictures are below.

* I think I should paint the 'feet' in photo 1. This is the part below the blue tape. I would use standard primer and my newfound Rust-oleum 7777 black.

* I'm thinking that the top 'rail' (blue tape in photo 2) should not be painted and should be lubricated instead. My chassis manual seems to refer to 'lubriplate' and 'stick type lubricant' for similar surfaces, but I'm not sure what is the 2014 equivalent of lubriplate. I have some #2 lithium grease in a tube that I can use. Is that the right product? I'm also thinking that I should lubricate the top and bottom of the rail.

Please let me know your thoughts on the right way to refresh this piece. I have the entire power frame and seat taken apart and I'd like to do it right the first time. (I have all 4 of the black plastic bumpers that mount on the rail, I have removed them for the photo. Whatever I do with the top 'rail' the bumpers will have to stay on and not slide off).

Thanks in advance.



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The nylon guides which index onto the seat rail you have pictured slide within the rails or channels of the power unit. Lube those channels and the nylon guides being sure the channels on the power unit are clean and rust free. You can paint the area you have left bare in the pics as this area does not contact the channels in the power unit.

Tom Mooney

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