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67 brake booster removal


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Using the "profanity scale", where 1 is Sunday school and 10 is a longshoreman's union meeting, where do you think I will wind up if I try to remove the booster myself? I studied the manual, and I looked under the steering column; think I see the 4 bolts around, or under, the steering column. I plan to disconnect the lines from the M/C and protect everything in the general area. I see where I have to disconnect the brake shaft, but what else should I be looking for before I pull the ass'ly off?

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First time for this can be high on the profanity scale maybe a 7 but second time is a 2. Not the easiest access. One of the top nuts is a real buggar. Think I had to use a universal joint adapter and even then just barely was able to turn it. You'll need a rubber arm......and spine for that matter. A second person for help when fanagling the booster to slip the actuator rod off the brake pedal is a help. One can work it from the outside and one from the inside. A little patience and thought will go a long way.

Good Luck!

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