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1929 Franklin rolling chassis/project for sale


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I just bought yet another project and something has got to go - I'm out of space and money and the wife is out of patience!<P>I have a 1929 Franklin model 130 complete rolling chassis for sale. I was going to make what I thought would be a really cool open speedster out of it where the big blower acts as the "radiator shell or grill" and the entire engine is exposed - you get the idea...<P>Anyway, that's not going to happen so I'm going to have to put it up for sale and I thought I'd give you guys a crack at it first.<P>Includes:<BR>Engine with all ductwork and blower in great shape, engine is free, includes hand crank, manifolds, starter, gen., carb, dist - engine is TOTALLY complete. Also, trans, rear, front axle, great solid frame, all 4 springs , lever shocks, steering, pedals, brake master cyl, 5 7-lug wire wheels, it is a complete rolling chassis. I have had it indoors for about 10 years and the guy who had it before me apparently drove it around as is.<P>Does NOT include: ANY sheetmetal, interior stuff, lights, etc.<P>If you are serious I can probably get some pictures scanned in for you - it is very cool looking. I also have available but not included a two-passenger speedster seat shell of unknown origin.<P>This car has full elliptical springs, is air cooled, has aluminum block, finned bronze cylinder jugs, overhead valves with individual rocker covers, full pressure oiling, very cool with lots of aluminum and copper - would really make a great project, but I already have a '27 Paige racer in the works and just acquired a '19 Dodge roadster to play with...<P>Looking to get $2000.00 for the whole nine yards, but price is very negotiable. Cahssis is complete and assembled and rolls easily on 4 very decent and useable Goodyear tires. I am exactly at the intersection of PA, MD, and DE.<P>Write to ChuckHadley@FirstUSA.com or call anytime. (410) 620-5248 eve, (302) 282-6609 day.

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