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Where can I find fusible link wire (22AWG)

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NAPA looked it up in their catalog and they only go to 20awg. None of the autoparts stores (I called them all) went over 20awg. I just cut my 22awg wire (the one that is used for the ASD) down and reused the left over portion (looks like it had been done before)... so now my fusible link wire is around 2" long. It blew before because of a short to ground.

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I have been able to find a variety of capacities at the local NAPA, although I can't say for sure the AWG range. They have it in the local store on a spinning rack with other wiring. I will visit there soon and see what I find with part numbers.

I just recently went there to replace a burnt fuse link for the radiator fan on a Spirit R/T and was able to find the correct size (albeit a different color than stock)

Here is a link to Russ Knize's MiniMopar site that has more info on fuse links for these vehicles. It is 4-cylinder centric, but some of the info should apply to a v6 vehicle as well.


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