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1931 Plymouth PA front brake fittings

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The '28-33 Plymouth Master Parts book lacks images, so I am not entirely sure but I think you are looking for a "Wheel Cylinder Inlet Connection" with the ones used on the Q, U, 30-U, PA and PB models being Chrysler part number 79191.

I don't see a modern match for that at NapaOnline nor does PartsVoice show a vender carrying that number.

From your photo it looks to be a variation on what is called, I think, a "banjo fitting". A search for "brake banjo fitting" turns up some similar stuff but nothing exactly the same as your photographs. If you need the exact match for show purposes you may have to have them manufactured. If you just want to get the car on the road and safe, perhaps one of the ones that come up in the above search will do for you.

At least the bolt that holds it on (part 79193) was used for more years (through 1938 on Plymouth cars) and might be more available.

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On 6/27/2020 at 8:13 PM, Katmaster said:

Mr D

if David does not want the fitting I would like to have it.  Please let me know.




I have a few of those if you still need one.

IMG_7541 (2).JPG

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Fitting hog😁 No. I'm good. I am gonna mail him the one I had. I don't do car shows. I upgraded my brake lines to stainless steel braided hoses, residual valves and modern banjo fittings from Speedway Racing. I just like to drive mine around and make everybody smile.

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