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Full Exhaust System for my 64


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I used Kepich but it was many years ago. More recently I have used classic exhaust http://classicexhaustinc.com/

Had problems with incorrectly bent pipes from both suppliers when doing 66 and or 67s. Classic was very accomodating in sending the correct pipe. I had ugly service issues with Kepich but again that was many years ago and may not be relative today in all fairness.

As you see Waldron is the most expensive but even with them I have had one report where the buyer received pipes that were bent incorrectly and not fit but the the problem was resolved satisfactorily.

Early Rivieras have exhausts with complex bends so there is always a chance something doesn't get made right. With any mail order exhaust you need to be prepared to use some finesse and patience to install and get a proper fit with some use of profanity. Make sure you understand what all you are getting in the way of clamps and flanges with your system. Some include them and some do not unless specifically requested. Despite fighting some problems I still prefer the mail order system because its so much less expensive than a custom bent system at a local shop and I simply like doing things myself. Having a system custom bent and installed at a local shop is probably the best route if you don't want risk of hassale, headaches, and have a shop you TRUST. Sometimes its worth the extra money depending on your personal situation.

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X2. I still remember calling Kepich, himself in the 1980's and hearing his footsteps come up to the phone and them "Click".

Another company, bless their well meaning little hearts, tried 3 times. This is the best they could do:


All I have left of theirs are the tailpipes. The rest in in my nephews tin pile.

Forget the mail order and get a good shop. I had a little over $1200 tied up in my Electra exhaust before it was quiet and drivable.


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