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Hi all,

As I get further along with identifying what I'm missing on my 1938 Chrysler C19 Imperial convertible coupe, I noticed that I am missing a lot of parts from the rumble seat area.

Would any of you that have 1937-38 Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge and Plymouths (even '39 Plymouths) have any photos, or be able to snap photos of a few parts for me?

Let's start with an overall view (this is what I have):


- Clearly, I'm missing the seat cushions. I have the one that goes on the deck lid, but not the bottom. I was going to make one, but I need photos of the bottom of it and how it attaches to those stands on the floor. Most people I've talked to don't have their seat bottoms out, and don't seem to want to take them out if they're installed.

- I'm also missing whatever the side trim panels attach to (and the trim panels). I have no clue what those are supposed to look like. What are the side panels made from?

- I don't have the toe board that mounts between the floor and the bracing behind the seat. I can probably make one if I knew what it's supposed to look like.

- For flooring material, are these supposed to have a rubber mat, or carpeting?

I'm also wondering how they kept the rain out of the trunk at the bottom of deck lid:


On the photo above (looking between the open deck lid and the rear trunk deck), there's a tab that looks like something is missing from it. There's 3 or 4 such tabs along that panel. Is this for a trough? The side areas have troughs. Where do these troughs drain to? I have a pair of holes in the floor on the ones side below the left rear corner of the deck lid. Are there metal tubes or rubber hoses that go down there?

Is there anything else that I might be missing? I have not had the opportunity to see a complete rumble seat coupe or convertible in this area to compare, so I'm hoping someone here could give me a hand.

I realize that this is a bunch of questions, but I figure I would group all these on one thread and concentrate on this area of the car right now.

I hope a few of you are able to help me... This is looking like a really huge project so far.



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Reg, I don't know if this will be of any help, here are some scans from the 1929 to 1939 Plymouth parts manual for the rumble seat area from the body section part of the book. I also have the books for Dodge, and they are the same as the Plymouth and my Plymouth manuals are on cd so real easy to get a copy. Let me know if you need larger size files to blow up and I can send then to you. I have a 1936 RS cp and I too am missing the lower cushion in mine. I have been told by auto upholster shops that they can make one for me when I am ready to do the interior so you might check with some in your area. Good luck on your car. Bob




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Those help me a little. I'm trying to figure out what's happening behind the open deck lid as well. The 3rd page of the manual in your post doesn't show that area.

Perhaps someone that has a mostly complete car could take a photo of that area?

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