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Rear Hub Puller - HELP ! Wanted

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NEED rear threaded hub puller 3" or maybe its 2-29/32" or close to that tread dimension, its for a 1920 Cleveland ,but other cars were the same..this type screwed on to the rear hub and then you would screw the center nut to pull hub , and pray , then curse , then hammer the hell out of it, then maybe it would come loose. Spencer 760-872-0756 work .. swcarl@hotmail.com .. Eastern Calif.

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get someone that has a 3in mic and thread gauge to find out what you need and call me I have a large collection of screw on pullers ,if I have then one you need Ill LOAN it to you for the cost of shipping MIKE WEST 716 346 4395 Livonia ny

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