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Gas Cap and Gas Gauge 1929 Chrysler Roadster Series 65

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Got our baby up and running. Now time for the fine-tuning.

Realized that the previous owner had glued the arrow for the gas gauge in place. Was wondering why this always read as 1/2 tank of gas! I don't know if the gauge was broken or the wiring but would like to find a replacement model.

Now that the tank is full, we also realized that the gas will pour back out when we are going up a hill ... like even our driveway. So we are also trying to find a replacement or new gas cap.


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We always love pictures especially of a "new" car, so please include yours too, here are my two S65Rs

To your question: The gas gauge on the 29 Chryslers is the most fragile instrument on the car and rarely found in the "placed in lower row" configuration. A similar design that fits as the upper instrument (x-Plymouth?) with the glass upside-down is much more commonly found (I have two extras). It might be possible to combine internals of a working upper with the original, but one cheap fix is the following: If the wiring on the gas-gauge back is reveresed, the reading will be continously 1/2 full (you may guess how I know). Best of luck with reversing..


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