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Rex Tops - all season tops for tourings and roadsters


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I'm trying to research the Rex Top manufacturing company of Connorsville, IN. From the mid-teens to perhaps late '20s they made all-season tops for touring and roadster body styles that replaced the folding top with a hardwood framed, steel skinned, leatherette covered 'hardtop' which also had wood framed door top additions with plate glass as well as side curtains. The owner could suit the car to the season by adding or subtracting. The original open car folding windshield stays in place.

Who has Rex-topped vehicles? Many hundreds were made for Dodge, Buick, Studebaker, Nash and others.

I've found the attached photo of a '15 Dodge roadster with a Rex and I know of one teen Dodge touring. Surely there are many more. Please post a note if you have one and a photo please if you can. Thanks


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Here is a picture of a 1924 Buick model 45 that I used to own. The picture was taken around 1929 with the second owner proudly

showing his car. When I bought the car the enclosures were gone. I found out that they were removed by the same man and turned

into a small greenhouse. I found a new in the crate set of them for the car. If I still had the car I don't know if I would put them back in. You have to make a small modification in the doors to put them in but the rear side triangles have to be screwed into the car.

In 1924 Buick sold 48,000 of this model 45 and in 1925 they sold just 5,000. This was the first year that a closed model outsold the open touring.

Buick must have seen this coming as they produced factory conversions with the enclosures in them but with a fixed top. These had an "A" suffix.

All 40 and 20 series models were available like this. I know that Rex was still offering the enclosures in 1926 but Buick didn't. I know of a 1926 model 45A with a fixed top but it never had the enclosures.


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Here is my 1920 Buick K45 touring with a REX top..  I'm trying to find out how it is held in place on the rear of the section. The top had been removed years ago but just placed back again before I got it..  The front is secured properly but it only rests on the rear irons that stick out from the rear body section on each side normally where the brackets were for a folding top.. I have all the side windows but I don't know if I have all the brackets that's necessary to install..  Nothing to go by..


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