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1937 reproduction knob from Knobsoup

Keith L.

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As many of you know, I make interior reproduction plastic for the Lincoln Zephyr cars. I am continually adding new items to the Knobsoup line. I now carry 1937 Zephyr interior knobs. Each knob is an exact duplicate of the original. Cast in non-fading UV urethane resin, in the correct 1937 Zephyr grey/green color. After casting, each knob is heat cured, inspected, lettered in black then polished to a high gloss. Mounting instructions included. Attached is an order form for the '37 items. Call me for more information or email me for other years. knobsoup@gmail.com

Order form 1937_2014.pdf


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Thanks for asking about the '41 radio items. Attached is a photo of the radio set I make and a price list for the '41 items. Send me an email and I'll send you an order form. Of course you can buy just the radio knobs you need.

Some promotion copy:

This concours quality reproduction six-piece radio set is an exact duplicate in detail, fit, and color of the original factory installed 1941 Zenith radio plastic faceplate and knobs. Measuring 9 3/8” by 2 1/4” it is cast in non-fading, UV stable urethane resin to match the dashboard tan plastic and is accented by cream color knobs with off-white lettering on the station selector knob. Just like the original, the backside is painted aluminum to block out any light from the radio. Manufactured by a master moldmaker/Lincoln Zephyr restorer and LZOC member.

In the top photo, a black piece of paper was placed behind the clear dial face to highlight the white lettering and approximate the’41 radio. Low-tech, special effects.



Price list 2013 1941 1of2.pdf

Price list 2013 1941 2of2.pdf

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