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1930's Buick made into a hay wagon... Input anyone? What is it?


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I was cleaning a friends family barn and found an old Hay Wagon. I thought... Great, a piece of equipment for my farm.. I got looking at it and found that it was a heavy duty Buick Rolling Chassis. My best guess is it came from a 1931-33 Hearse or could even be one of a hand full of buses that were built. I need to measure the wheelbase and get a few more photos to get a clearer picture of what it is.

Feel free to comment and possibly educate me on what I might have and if it is indeed worth saving.

Will have more photos in the next day or two.

Some of the features I found interesting!

Wire wheels with Buick snap in hubcaps

4 wheel leaf spring suspension and overload springs on rear

drive shaft housing

interesting front suspension linkage

Photo is 1 of the 4 hubcaps on the wire wheels


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Ok, according to the Production number plate, this chassis did come from a 32' Buick but I measured a 138" wheelbase and there is no record of a 138" wheelbase care from 32', they only went to 134"

Makes me wonder if either the stance or the physical wheelbase was altered when changed into a hay wagon.

Any ideas?

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Use it as a hay wagon. When I grew up on the farm my grandfather had a whole "fleet" of wagons from old car chassis' Fords Chevys or what ever was drug home by my dad or four uncles. Used cars were only $5 to $15 and would run for a month or two before blowing up or just on to the next one.

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in the mid 50s i worked on a farm in n.j. & they had a wagon made from a buick. what i remember was it had the small hubcaps with wood wheels. at that time i asked where the rest of the car was & was told it was down in the woods which wasnt nearby.

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The Wheelbase is 138" (previous measurement without help was 136")

Brakes are all mechanical/Lever actuated

Wheels are a 5 lug pattern

and as in the image posted, the vin/info plate says,

Buick 2637I03




My 28-41 Chassis Parts Book indicates the numbering for this ID plate is for a 1931 Series 80 or 90. 132" is the maximum wheelbase offered that year. Look for welds to indicate a stretched chassis. I go with Mark as well regarding the spring shackles. Neat find.

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Mark is right.

Without the torque tube bolted to the rear of the transmission and motor the rear end can swing right back as far as the shackles will permit.

If you enlarge the side on photo of the complete chassis you can see the front rear shackle angled well to the rear which is not its normal riding position.

Really nice find, some value with the wire wheels and hubs or a really nice basis for a racing special!

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I remember a long chassis like that stored along side a fence on the O'Brien side of the family's farm. Nothing mundane like a hay wagon in its future. It was going to be a bridge over a culvert.

On the other side of the road, at the main farmhouse, was the 1919 Buick buzz saw my Grandmother gave me when I was about 12. I got pretty dirty but never got it running so they'd be scared of me getting caught in the blade.

Interesting thought; when I was 12 I thought the first thing you did with an old car was tear it all apart and make it new.


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