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For Sale Packard, Chevy, Chrysler Radiator Ornaments

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post-86524-143142338065_thumb.jpgOver the years I've acquired these hood ornaments. I think the airplanes are from the late 1920s and were produced by Chevrolet. The gauge with the wings, I think, goes to a 1924 Chrysler. And the goddess is for a 1925/26 Packard. Since I don't have the cars to go with them, they're not much use to me. I am looking to sell them, but I would also appreciate any information about them. There is no set price. Will take the best offer (within reason). If you are interested in adding any of them to your collection, or just know something about them, you can contact me by responding to this thread, or give me a call at (410) 635-6019 and ask for Howard. Thanks.






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The Motometers are being reproduced the small ones run about $60 and the larger ones go for about $90. Replacement glass kits are in the $20-$25 range.

The Chrysler cap is before 1928. The "28 caps did not have feathers on the inside of the wings.

On these early die cast items the metal is in a constant sate of decomposing and will continue to fall apart.

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