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1915 Metz roadster "HOME BREW BODY"

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Im curious if a 1915 Metz, a red roadster, still exists. The car was made from a touring car that the body had been cutoff behind the front seat. My uncle "Chip Vallone" of Livonia NY made a tapered tail that finished off the back of the car. It was sold sight unseen at Hershey around 1970 or 71. The man that bought its name was Gordon Teeter from Penn. I think the price was $1000.00. It was a nice looking car with a new red paint job and seat coverings . It had no top and Ward Riverside tires. I ran across a photo of it today. Mike

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I found the car today in Cobleskill NY .The owner confirmed he has owned the car over 40 years and is now a AACA Grand National 1st place car. It is still in the same body configuration as sold in the 1970s. I guess that says something about the body work my uncle did.

Post the photo, Mike. That would hel


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