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Pontiacs are gone forever but these two still have utility. Complete and stock and waiting for a new home:

1947 Pontiac 4 dr

1949 sedan delivery (if I had the time I would restore this one myself).


Still working on prices.

Doc Lipton




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Incorrect id of vehicle, corrected by expert (see edit history)
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Thank you, Professor. Whatever my own I go with the paper on the machine. Clearly the paper is incorrect. Second time in two days. I have to keep in mind all makes, models, years since we are moving 5-6 K cars. I do much better with the 50 or so machines I have owned.

To be clear, there is no benefit to me from such a mistake since I profit none from the transactions (but I enjoy the cars, of course). Rather, I often end up supporting transactions personally-entertainment tax.

I am sure you had a great time with Pontiac. Thanks for clarifying the matter. I will adjust the notice tonight or tomorrow.

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