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Baker Electric Techincal Help

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I will be helping a friend get a Baker Electric car running. This car has been operational in the resent past.

He has a manual and the original charger.

I would like to see if anyone would have any words of wisdom and warning. As with all things old, there are little bits of knowledge and Baker experience, that I do not currently have (get it currently!!!!), that make a project like this safe, successful and fun.

I am an electrical engineer car guy with DC motor, control, and battery experience.

Thank you all in advance. I am looking forward to your replies.

(I posted this in the AACA technical forum before I found this one. Sorry for the redundant posting)

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I worked on the car last week.

I had said the car was a Baker but it is actually a 1917 Detroit Electric.

The motor is an Emerson motor.

There are two major problems.

1. The current shunt is burnt and needs to be replaced.

2. One of the drum contacts and the associated spring loaded contact is burnt pretty bad and need replaced.

Any thoughts if there would be an controller parts around or will we need to make new ones?

I suspect that the primary wires will need replaced. The car is in very good original complete condition and I am confident we will get it on the road.



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For the 1915 Milburn in my shop we made replacement contact parts. You would be extremely fortunate to find originals.

For safety sake I keep the rear wheels jacked up off the floor when working on the electrical system.

Luck. John Worden

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Hi John,

We made the contacts for the drum and one finger. We have the drum back in the car and need to get it wired back up.

Once we get it wired and batteries in it I will take your idea of getting the back wheel off the floor until we are ready to roll!!!

Thanks for the reply.

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