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Deeper into the transmission 48 LC


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Got the universal joint off, thanks Dee Peecher! Next question: Is there a snap ring or pin that needs to come out before the overdrive housing / tailshaft comes off? I'm used to the mid 50's OD where you need to remove a cover and move a snap ring. Don't see a cover on the 48.

Transmission gears look OK, so I'm thinking I can leave unmolested, but can't explain the piece of gear that came out in when the gear oil was drained. An overdrive part?




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In order to separate the OD housing from the adaptor plate/transmission you must remove the drift pin that retains the OD shift lever. The pin is tapered so you tap it out from the bottom of the boss the lever assembly is mounted. When the lever assembly is pulled away from the OD housing it disengages the shift rail and the housing can be removed. Some eariler OD's used a threaded nut instead of the drift pin to retain the OD shift lever. either way the lever must be pulled away from the housing.

The piece of "gear" looks like a section on the synchro inner sleeve? ... the section the synchro collar slides back and forth on or a section of one of the 2 bronze "blocker" rings. Never seen this happen in one of these rigs? you'll soon find out when you separate the main shaft for a look see. Hopefully there's no damage to the cluster gear.

In order to remove the main shaft you'll have to drop the cluster gear for clearance. There's a 1/4" pin that goes thru the reverse idler gear shaft and the cluster gear shaft. usually a cotter pin secures it on the rear, lower, passenger side of the transmission. You will need to remove this pin in order to tap out the cluster gear shaft.

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