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1966 Toyota Crown RS41 - Any Collector Interest Out There?

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Any collector interest in a 1966 Toyota Crown RS41?

If anyone can point me to some websites that cater to these older Toyotas, I would appreciate it.

Car was stored inside for 25+ years, and will need a good bit of work to get it driveable (brakes, clutch hydraulic system, most likely fuel system cleaned out, tires, etc). Car has the 1900 cc engine and a 3 speed tranny with overdrive. Engine turns freely. Car needs to find a new home.........I'm helping the owner accomplish this. No illusions of a gold mine here, but don't want to see it just get scrapped if there is collector interest (even as a parts car).

Following are some pictures:












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There used to be a website based in Australia called classicrown but it seems to have disappeared. Found these two on facebook though - https://www.facebook.com/JNostalgics?directed_target_id=0 - https://www.facebook.com/ClassicCrown . Over the eyars I have read of a few surviving Crowns in the US and Canada. They were sold in the US up to '72 I think and up to '68 in Canada.

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nzcarnerd, thanks for the links! The Classic Crown link on Facebook is especially good (I'm an old fart and didn't think to check Facebook :)). Also, they had some links to other sites.

Looks like there were a lot of these Crowns sold 'down under'.

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The first exports of the 40 series Crowns were to Finland and Greece and they were later sold in most European markets. They were assembled in Australia but as far as I know only a handful came to NZ. The following 50 series was sold here, I think ours were imported fully assembled, and the 60 and 80 series models were assembled in NZ. In the US I think they found that the had to be sold at the upper end of the Chevrolet price bracket which was too much for the market so they were dropped and replaced by the Mark 11, sold as a Cressida in export markets. I had quite a bit to do with the earlier Classicrown site and still own a 1987 commercial wagon and a 1980 two door coupe - both Japanese domestic market models imported second hand into NZ, as many of our vehicle imports have been over the last 25 years.

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