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Question about my Saratoga 3 passenger Coupe '46-'48

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Chrysler Saratoga 3 passagers Coupe

Build 1946-1948,

The Chrysler blue book states thatthere were only 74 of those cars produced.

I know its a C39, 5.3 Liter, 8 cylinderinline, 134 Horsepower, fluid drive.

post-98286-143142326601_thumb.jpgNow my question is:

Is it true that only 74 were producedand how many cars still exist today( I never saw one in person, otherthen my own).

What would the approximate value ofthis car be?



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I'm looking at Jerry Heasley's "The Production Figure Book for U.S. Cars" 1977 which states

'46-48 combined 3p coupes per model:

Royal C38S 1,221

Windsor C38W 1,980

Saratoga C39K 74

New Yorker C39S 701

Truly impossible to know how many still exist today. Yours looks like an outstanding example. Congratulations.

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Bob, before it gets loaded onto any ships give me a call!


Bob, please pardon me I should have included, "Please" and "Thank You" in my post.

I could park your 3-window between our 48 New Yorker, two door sedan, and our 3-window Concord and I could probably hook a trailer to the New Yorker and pull that Imperial 3-window cpe. that you are building all back here to Pennsyltucky.

Spring is on the way,


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What was the difference between the Saratoga and the New Yorker? I assume price, but what did one have the other did not? Also, is there an authoritative source on the differences between the different years of the post-war Chryslers (i.e. between a '46, '47, '48, and 1st series '49 of the same model)?

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