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All are Originals (No Reprints). Condition is noted.

1. "1928-47 PLYMOUTH". March,1948 4 1/4"x 6 1/2" 40-Page (History). GOOD $10.00

2. 1931 CHRYSLER IMPERIAL ROADSTER. 8"X 10" Black/White PHOTO. GOOD $7.00

3. "DODGE - Stewart Vacuum Gasolene System, Model 116-H". April 1922 5 1/2"x 8 1/4" 11-pages. GOOD $6.00

4. THREE Different Pieces for the 1936 PLYMOUTH: TWO by Ross Roy (1) "Planned Selling Wins" BOOKLET & (2) "Plymouth Visual Sales Clinic Lesson #3 Review- Four Square Selling" 1/8" thick DATA BOOK; and ONE "Questions & Answers on the 1936 Plymouth" - A Non-illustrated BOOKLET. ALL GOOD and for $10.00

5. "Ross Roy Service Confidential Bulletins". 1934-36 8 3/4"x 11 1/4" Leatherette Bound 1/2" Thick BINDER & CONTENTS. GOOD $12.00

6. "Specialized Automobile Salesmanship-Assignment Four-Handling the Demonstration". LaSalle University/Desoto Corp. - 1931 56-Page SALESMAN BOOK. GOOD $7.00

All items mailed FREE by Media Mail to the Lower 48 States.


Thanks for looking,


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