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Anyone interested in woodgraining?

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Wow! Ok, hopefully today I will be able to start some work on the interior door pieces and will take lots of pictures. Just have to throw a set of heads on a car and I will be free to do some woodgraining. Thanks all.

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Here are a few pics of the first one I did on the '36 Airstream. Have a way better camera now so will be able to go into more detail as I do the new one. And yes, I know the dash pieces should have been nickel plated...but that is a whole different story :(. I think the woodgraining could have been a bit darker on the dash. Going to do it a bit different this time around. It turned out ok though I think?post-82926-143142334934_thumb.jpg





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OK, finally got to start on this, but then got this cold/flu crap thing going around. Here is what I have so far. https://drive.google.com/?authuser=0#folders/0B7RiH1R31J8pTlkyQmd6UDlYbVE There is one file that is a movie file. (Have to excuse the focus issues - think hubby forgot how to use the camera). I was going to try and use the woodgraining tool shown in the pics, but decided to just do it by hand. The frame was just primered and then painted with the color we had Napa mix up for us. (Martin Senor brand). I just used some wood stain, a cheapie brush and got some 'sea sponges' which I tear into little pieces.

I was a little afraid because the temp was so cold out there when I did it but the next day it looked even better. Will get more pics when I can shake this crappy cold. Stay healthy people!

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