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Had an enquiry from USA of an Old Woodie in the background where the enquirer says ..." the rear fender and side view of the Grill gave me to think it was a Plymouth. But nothing I saw had four panels and the last one very long. It is so much longer than any Woody I have tried to match it with. It’s not a bus but does look like either a recreation touring vehicle (because of the side curtains). Maybe a hearse? Length and curtains would seem to be appropriate. Is this a custom made one?"

My researches suggest the vehicle is cca 1947 and that it was fitted with a standard 'Surrey' Campbell body made by the Mid-State Cody Co. Unfortunately the front of the vehicle is covered by the pylon and for me in the UK, the mudguards look a bit Ford. Should be quite obvious to you guys!


Vintman (UK)


PS It is appropriate that a 'Surrey' body was identified by the Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society!!


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