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Post Some Pics of Your Other Cars

Rob J

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I love seeing what other old (and new too) cars and other motorized machines folks have in their stables. Here's our chance to show what else we have in the garage besides our Riv's.

I'll start. Here's my all original, survivor, down to the factory delivered tires, 16k mile 1987 Buick Grand National.





Our Daily Driver. 2013 Mercedes E350 Sport Package


Weekend Toys: 2005 Honda TRX250EX, and a 1979 Honda ATC70



Also have a 2005 Ford F150 FX4 SuperCrew as my work truck. Ironically, I have no pics of it. I'll get some.

Show us what you have.

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While every single car / truck pictured are each simply beautiful, this 58 just absolutely rocks!!!

Looks just like they did back in the 60's once a kid would get his hands on it!

Except, I can't see the fuzzy dice!!!

Very, very nice!

May I have one of each please Santa?

Merry Christmas to all!

( thought I hit reply with quote, but guess not. Obviously referring to the black. 58 Impala. )

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Those are some sweet rides you guys have. I want a truck like the 56 coast just got or slosteve's 54 delivery. I'll have to wait until I get my Riv on the road first.

Ed, Rob J requested "cars & motorized machines"…I looked long & hard but didn't see any motors on your bicycles lol

My biggest to smallest…here's my 2005 Tacoma with an over leveling kit & wheel spacers for that…yeah yeah it a wanna 4x4 lol


The Hamster car…


2004 Honda XR50…


The weekend racers lol…




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Definitely Some cool and unique transportation posted.

Hey Ship! Nice MKZ. That would be my pick for daily driver. I like Lincolns

Here is the only other transportation of interest I have. Wrenching, owning, and riding this piece of historyfrom 1948 for the past year (while waiting for the Riv body to come back) has been a tremendous experience.


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Sweet C7. I've got a hard on for one of those. First time a Vette has excited me in many, many years.

Have contemplated selling my 87 Grand National for a C7. Still not sure about it though. I'm afraid I'll regret selling my GN if I do sell.

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C7 is everything Good you have heard. Just an awesome Driver. Haven't been attached to a Car in a long time, beside my Boatails, but this is the one. You just Melt into the cockpit and become One! Know the Feeling?

A real Steal for the $$.

87 GN? Hold on to it IMHO. Find another way.

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