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69 FS parts for sale

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Hi guys, I have some leftovers from a 69 98 we parted a while back. First is a dashpad and the piece that is around the gauges. It is the goldish color and I don't think there are are any cracks at all. Also I have the 8 track pod from this car too. I also have the power antenna from this car too. works good, it does have a small bend in the top section. It is sleight enough bend that it doesn't affect operation. I do have the AM/FM and the 8 track from this car. Nothing molested and they work. I will get pics in the next couple of days (and post pics of course!!) I also have to dig out the wiring for the antenna and such. I know I have the rest for install for everything. Would be willing to entertain an offer on a package deal too.


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Here are some pics. Nothing has been cleaned. Just tested. The pic that shows the 8 track front looks like the front is dirty/rusty. It is not. it is a reflection of my ceiling. Would make a great after Christmas gift. Remember, make me an offer, what could it hurt??





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