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Is anyone interested in getting repo 54 aero taillight? I have 3 NOS bottom lenses that I am keeping for myself to hopefully get a professional mold out of. I have two used upper lenses Im hoping to get a mold professionally made for as well but have very slight imperfections. If any one out there has a set or just one NOS 54 upper lens please let me know. I will keep this thread updated on a round about price as soon as I find something out. I saw the one on the "Brazil ebay'' but I heard that they did not fit properly. Maybe some of yall could throw some insight on that this way.

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Upper lenses for the 54-55 Aero and Bermuda are the same side to side so one lens is all you need to create a mold. I believe the same holds true for the lowers as well. We just ran a small batch of 51 Frazer tail light lenses and they ran about $100 each, just to give you some perspective.

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I bought a set of reproduction upper lenses off of Mercadolivre a couple years ago. They were pretty nice copies, not as good as NOS though, and also a couple millimeters smaller in every dimension. I think I could make them fit with some file work on the flanges but already have an NOS set and had ordered them just to see if they were good enough to import. http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-626826157-aero-willys-60-a-62-lente-traseira-lanterna-traseira--_JM If you look closely you can see white polishing compound in the screw holes.

I posted them on the KF forum and one of the members pointed out that the Argentina Kaisers had similar cast trim issues. From what he said, there was some shrinkage from the casting mold size to the cured part, and the Argentina parts were cast from molds taken off USA parts instead of the original USA molds. Maybe one could find a non shrinking compound to cast with.

Kaiserwillys.com was selling reproduction '52/'53 lenses. I heard they were out and then recently heard they may have them again but you'd have to call to find out. I would guess they produce correct size lenses since I've never heard anything bad about them, although I have heard guys say they are too expensive and would run their cracked originals......... which just flabbergasted me. Something you should keep in mind before you drop a load of money into lenses, especially for the later smaller production run models. http://www.kaiserwillys.com/product/3076/willys-jeep-electrical-tail-light-assemblies-parts-accessories

Mercado regularly has parts listed for their first series Aero (USA's last model) that you just can't find here. I bought an exact reproduction front rubber floor mat there with all the correct surface patterns, something you'll likely never see for sale here.

Hope this helps!

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