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Except for those marked "REPRINT", all are ORIGINALS. Condition is noted.

1. "OUT OF THE CRUCIBLE". 1924 Duesenberg, 7 1/2"x10 1/2", 20-Pages. 1953 REPRINT $5.00

2. Black/White 8 1/4"x10" PHOTOS: ONE each of 1929 DuPont Limousine with Merrimac Body - GOOD Condition; and WHIPPET race car (1920's?) at Corydon, Indiana Race Track - DIRTY/FAIR Condition. $7.00 EACH.

3. "Maxwell Confidential Bulletin", & Factory-to-Dealer LETTERS. About 1923, 8 1/2"x11", 13-pages. GOOD $5.00

4. "Marmon Handbook". Personal Dealer's 235-Page BOOK with his name engraved on the cover, on the subjects of MARMON History and a description of the MARMON 34. CONDITION: COVER INSIDE LINER NEEDS GLUING; PART OF FILLER PAGE MISSING; OTHERWISE IS FAIR/GOOD. $55.00

5. "New Speed/ Design/ Comfort/ Performance". 1934 Nash Introduction 9"x6 1/2" 4-Page SALES FOLDER. GOOD $8.00

6. "Avery Motor Trucks & Delivery Cars". YEAR?, shows Trucks & 36-42 HP GLIDE car, 6"x9" 5-Page FOLDOUT. GOOD $8.00

7. "A Note From W.L. Kissel". A single SHEET of STATIONERY showing the KISSEL SPEEDSTER. GOOD-NEVER USED. $12.00

Shipping FREE by Mail Media to Lower 48 States. Contact: idalinc@windstream.net

Thanks for stopping to look.


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