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38-50 Dodge Plymouth motors transmissions driveshafts brackets lost storage must go now MD

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Losing storage, must move in 2-3 weeks. I have my 1940 Dodge 5 window coupe at $3,000.00

Local pick up only, no shipping, no pictures, no holding, no time. Panic sale, pre-fire sale.

plus I have about 10 driveshafts from 38-50, 4-5 transmissions from 40 Dodge which fit many era Mopar. 39 Dodge D-11 motor, 46-48 Dodge D-24 shortblock. Shafts $10 each, motors $100 each, trans $25 each. Misc brackets $5 each

A mountain of 40 Dodge NOS chrome and almost any part, many duplicates, such as about 4 hood rams, far too much to list, $10,000.00 make close offer.

1986-1990 Dodge truck grille surrounds, perfect new in Mopar boxes, $200.00 each. Many more 87 truck nos items.

Three glass cases filled with nos Mopar emblems medallions, ornaments badges from about 1926-1970, too awesome to describe, $5,000.00 Make close offer.

I mostly want to save all the good iron from the crusher, so I will sell at basically scrap price. Those items must go this month. If you wait til next month it will be too late as I must dump 53 years of life in 30 days. Exh manifolds $25.00 each, most are Dod/Ply, one fits 40 Desoto.

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