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I'm in SE Virginia and will be travelling to Tampa Bay area this Christmas. I'm looking to replace my worn out 300,000 mile Jap truck with some American iron. Since this area is crazy with vintage car/truck prices, I'd like to find something in Fla that I could drive back. Prefer GM 6 cyl full size PU, but really price and condition will dictate purchase. The vehicle must be ready to make the drive, therefore I'm not interested in an obsolete antique. (have those) $4-6K range. I use this vehicle for transportation to and from work daily (10 miles) and occasionally haul car parts to Carlisle and Hershey. (Although I didn't go this year) Thanks for the space.<BR>ChevyGuyDan frown.gif" border="0 <BR>danno16@excite.com

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