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hudson 33 Mile a Minute speedster build


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In case someone else needs a refresher, I'll print out the process here as well. Under the "reply to thread" box, you hit "go advanced" instead of the quick reply option. This will extend the window to include a bunch of smiley faced icons and a new window called "Miscellaneous Options". Under attachments, hit the "Manage Attachments" button. This will open a pop up window that will list any pictures you have added to this site. If you need to add new pics, hit the "Select Files" button and it will give you access to your computer files. Assuming the pics you want are in "My Pictures" files, go to Libraries, My Pictures and then select the files you want. Once you've selected, then hit "Upload Files", and once that's completed, hit the "Insert Inline" button, let it load and then "Complete". I have to say this site is a little more complicated than most. Pay attention to the maximum file size and accepted file types, as it may not accept the ones directly off your camera. I use a free program like Picassa to downsize the files and convert them to jpg's before I load them into this site. post-47067-143142308711_thumb.jpg

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