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Buick Memorabilia Goodies. List #1


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Hi, Gang. I've looked through my shelves and cases again this year, and found some more Buick memorabilia items that can go to new homes. Think "Christmas" and "Gifts", either to give to someone.....OR to yourself! Please post here, if you want to purchase an item. Then, I'll follow up with a PM to you. Your personal check, a money order, or PayPal are welcomed for payment. Thanks for looking at this list, and the others I'll be posting today.

1. BUICK Logo Fine Glass Pitcher. A good-sized, quality item, featuring a large Buick tri-shield logo etched into the side. Originally a dealer item that could also be obtained from "corporate", along with a crystal decanter (see below) and cocktail glasses of various sizes. In as new condition. Measures 9" high by 5" in diameter. $50, plus shipping.

2. BUICK Logo Fine Glass Decanter. This is from the same Buick dealer grouping of items as the pitcher above. Very good quality, with a lage Buick tri-shield logo etched into the side. 10-3/4" high by 3-3/4" square. The stopper is a ground glass fit (no cheap cork). $50, plus shipping. -SOLD-

3. Framed BUICK Glass Mirror Tile. Features the old Buick Valve-In-Head logo. 20" wide by 16 high. Overall good condition, with a few minor marks on the front. The wood frame has a few nicks in it. I'm sorry, but I don't have any history to give on this piece. I bought it at a BCA swap meet quite a few years back, because I thought it was neat. The logo mirror looks great when hung on a wall and viewed from the front. This piece also looks super, when illuminated from behind. So, it could be hung in a window. The colors are transluscent, and the blue is much darker than the photo shows. The glass mirror title has been mounted in the wood frame using silicone caulk. The caulk doesn't show from the front. It could also be rolled off with a finger, without harming the back of the mirror, IF the new owner wanted to do something else with just the tile. $75, plus ship. -SOLD-

4. Buick Eagle Logo tape Measure and Key Ring. This is an “as new” Buick promotional item from back in the later 1970’s thru the 1980’s. It is a working tape measure and car key ring featuring the Buick eagle logo. $15, plus shipping.

5. AC/DELCO Flashlight. A nice display item in your car. This is still in its original package (never opened). Uses two AA batteries. I have two of these. $7 each, plus shipping.









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