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1964 Buick Wildcat 401 Nailhead. The frame has already been restored, and some sanding work has been done. The interior is original. Runs good, but pings when floored, so it will need a tune up. I can provide pictures. Asking $13,000 OBO. This car will easily be worth $30,000 when the restoration is complete.

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Value when restoration is complete will depend on the body style. A 4-door sedan '64 Wildcat might bring $10,000 restored, but someone would have to want it pretty badly. Convertible might approach $30,000 if pristine. Two-door hardtop will be somewhere between those two, and a 4-dr. hardtop might approach $15,000 when restored.

You aren't going to get much action until you tell what you have.

Pete Phillips, Editor

The Buick Bugle

1948 Super sedanet

1948 Roadmaster sedanet

1949 Super 4-dr. sedan

1949 Super Estate Wagon

1959 Electra 2-dr. hardtop

1962 Special Deluxe 4-dr. sedan

1963 Wildcat 4-speed convertible

1964 LeSabre 2-dr. hardtop 3-speed

1964 LeSabre 2-dr. hardtop automatic

Leonard, Texas

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