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1. "THE AUTOMOBILE TRADE DIRECTORY", Volume XX #2 April 1922, a 6"x9 1/2" 1040 + page Red Cover-bound BOOK. Has much Data,Specifications,and Ads. GOOD CONDITION. $32.00

2. "CHILTON AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY". 6 1/2"x9 3/4" Orange/yellow Cover-bound BOOKS: One dated Jan. 1922 with 1130 pages in FAIR/GOOD CONDITION for $28.00; and one dated Oct. 1924 with 848+ pages in GOOD CONDITION for $22.00.

Both loaded with data, Specifications, and Ads.

3. "AUTOMOBILE REPLACEMENT PARTS DIRECTORY". 6 1/2"x 9 1/2" BOOKS: One dated Jan. 1923 Volume 2 #1 358 page with Green Binders in GOOD CONDITION for $20.00; and One dated Jan. 1925 Volume 4 #1 174 page with Stiff-board Binders in GOOD CONDITION for $18.00.

Both have much Data and Ads.

Any one of these is a great source of information for automobiles of the era.

Inquiries to:

Thanks for looking,


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