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1928-31 President Ignition Rotor

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I have a couple old rotors. One has DD 88 on it, the other has DD 89 on it. I am told that the one with the DD 89 on it is for a 1928-31 Studebaker President. Can anyone confirm that this indeed a Studebaker rotor? Also anyone have thoughts on what the DD 88 is for?


Here is the underside of it---


Here is the dd 88 rotor. It looks exactly like the DD89 rotor except it has a flat spot where it mounts on the distributor shaft and the DD89 rotor has a slit.





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Rex, Thanks , Milt

The rotor with notch drive is Delco-Remy #825438 and fits Delco distributor #668A (1928 Studebaker President 8)

The rotor with "D" shape drive is Delco-Remy #37598 and fts Delco distributor #668C (1929-31 Studebaker President 8 & some Pierce 8 cyl models)

Both use brush Delco-Remy #35607 and spring Delco-Remy #35617.


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