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Model A roadster pickup vs hard top pickup.

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I am looking at a 1928 roadster pickup with the open top which is in excellent condition but I don't know a lot about the Model A's. Do the hard top trucks have more room inside? I had a hard time getting in and out of the truck. Also are both trucks about the same in value or is the roadster more desirable? The one I am looking at is selling for $19K but NADA list it for about $33K high retail. Is this a real world price?

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The roadster pickup generally sells for more than the closed, even though the top is fixed. At any given time there are a lot of Model As for sale on the market. If I were you I would look around for something cheaper. Of all the As the tudor is probably the best to fit into as the seat moves back and there is no wall behind you. It is also the most common and hence the lowest priced.

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I had a roadster pickup and they are tight. The doors are narrower than the closed cab trucks and the seat is very close to the steering wheel. Remember, people were a little smaller back then! Roadsters are neat and draw attention but they suffer from a lot of wind noise, top flap and sometimes the windshield will push in on you if not installed correctly. You also can get very wet when if caugh in the rain. The closed cab offers a slight bit more room, protection from weather, less road noise and a little heat if it gets chilly. If the truck is REALLY nice $19,000 might be a fair price but trucks don't usually command high dollars unless they're next to perfect. Remember too, that trucks are a 2 passenger vehicle so if you have a family it will be restrictive and with no enclosed storage! Problem with pricing today is that everyone thinks they're sitting on a gold mine regardless of condition or originality. Note also, at least in my opinon, that any modern modifications drastically lower the overall value regardless of the improvment in driveability!



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First off, I am 6' 6" and I got into a 28 roadster pickup and almost got stuck in it. They are small. Slant window bodies are more roomy for those who are taller.

Second off. Is the car truly restored? Keep in mind that the Model A from the factory could do 60 MPH all day long and feel comfortable running that fast. YES, even on the crappy lack of paved roads in the day. They were considered extremely reliable which is the reason why you read about people in the day hopping in their A and driving all over the country.

Ford was able to build a car to do this through extreme (like race car standards today) precision machining and balancing. This is lost to most people today and the mechanicals are rebuilt with the attitude it is just an old car.


If you are looking at a car for $33K it dam well ought to be jump in and run highway speeds all day long and not have any modern 'upgrades'.

If you are being told the car is only good for 45 MPH then it is likely not safe at 30.

I can tell you it is not cheap or simple restoring the chassis to factory specifications.

But what can I know as all the A's in my family have been stock and driven 60+ MPH.

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