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Replacement tubes/tires for 1929 Series 65 Roadster

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Our 1929 Series 65 Roadster came to us as "in good running condition". That was a joke! We now have the car up and running after rebuilding the radiator, carburetor, replacing wiring, correcting bad wiring, cleaning gas tank, putting in spark plugs ... etc etc!

Now that the car is running, we can fine tune items. The car has wood spokes. Owners manual says that the tubes were 5.50 x 18 .

We are facing two challenges .. how to get the flat tube off of the split rim. How do we unfasten the rim? Seems to have a fasterner in place.

Second, the tires say Goodyear 6.00-18 6 ply. Can't find this in any searches of vintages tires. And can't figure out what size tubes would fit in these?


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Start by reading this thread. mounting split rim wheels There are also many more posts about this topic. Totally simple if you understand the basics. Pretty hard if you havn't seen it done. Ask more questions if you like. I could write more now but I have just finished a 70 hour week and find I am more tired now than I used to get 54 years ago when I started working.

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Not sure if your steel rims have the same tab as my '31 Dodge rims, but if they do, you may need the proper tool to "shrink" the rim.......cranking one direction will shrink the rim. Cranking the other direction will expand it again......




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I've always had good service and good dealings with COKER TIRES:


In addition to new tubes, be sure you have new flaps to protect the tubes from the split rims - they can advise when you phone COKER

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