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Buick 1947 Super convertible


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Dear friends,

This is to introduce myself...

My name is Mateo,I am Spaniard and I live in Spain.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

I'm currently restoring a Buick 1947 Super Convertible 56-C and my first question is how many sq ft of leather I would need to reupholster the whole car in a (I think)44 trim combination,tan cord/burgundy leather?

Thanks a lot!!

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Hello Mateo! I'm from Argentina, así que no sé por qué empecé en inglés. Just for respect to the forum, I'll proceed in english.

I own a Super '47 convertible also, but I've just started the restoration and she's actually almost- destroyed...jajaja. Find me in "me and my buick", my thread is called "buick '47 convertible: an alternative therapy"

If you want, send me private messages or e-mail and we can exchange some info and experiences beyond the forum.

Hope you comment!

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