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BIG Wisconsin T head Engines 1918 or in that general time period

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If you go to the Practical Machinist website, Antique Machinery forum and search for "Big Wisconsin T-Head" you will find a long thread on the restoration of one of those engines.

Actually, its bigger than you list... 5-1/2" bore, 7" stroke. Here is the link.


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Hello, I would love to see photos of your Wisconsin T-head! As you can see by my thread on Practical Machinist mine is a bit bigger and is a work in progress. We just moved to a new home so progress has been interrupted. As you have no doubt have discovered these engines are rather rare and difficult to find info and parts for. So far I have only come across one sales brochure relating to my particular engine but I have a friend who has a catalog that covers many of the other Wisconsin models. If you have a model number let me know and I can have him check.

I know of one other Wisconsin that is about the same size of yours (its a model L) - its owned by Mike West who is a member of the forum. He is currently working to build a speedster around it and is well along. Not having acquired a Lombard tractor chassis yet I may be going the same route with mine - provided a suitable chassis can be found.

Currently I have most of everything I need for the engine except a American-Bosch AT6 magneto and a huge Leece-Neville starter.

If there is anything I can help you with please let me know!

Best regards,

Terry Harper


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Must've missed your post the last time I was in the site...

There were at least two 5.1 bore Wisconsins per my old parts catalogs:

4 Cyl J and JU (I assume the JU is a variation)

6 Cyl L (NOT TO BE CONFUSED with later water-cooled 6 cyl L1, L2, L3, L4, all smaller bores).

They're listed in a 1917 Burd ring catalog, which lists by bore and ring size; that very small section lists an Indiana truck model JU for 1912-16 (coincidence??) and a couple South Bend trucks: 1914 model L and 1915 model JU (another coincidence??). I believe there's an Indiana truck club somewhere...

The Burd lists a couple more orphans, including a Garford; I'll dig around a little during the week and advise if I find any other listings.

A 32 King Prod (engine parts) catalog lists the same bearings for the A, AU, JU and JAU 4cyl

(J and L not listed--I have the JAU on my Wisc list but have no bore/stroke for it, nor do I know if it's another J variation)...it shows rod, front and center main the same bearing, rear main different bearing...typo?? (no piston assembly or valves listed for any of Js or the L)

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Well, despite not finding much in the way of old truck/tractor listings for the 5.1 engines, they seem to be quite sought after by collectors/enthusiasts......

I assume you've run the archives here and found the "T-Head Motor" thread 1-31-2011 jdhuffman re' the 6cyl "L" power unit found in an underground mine in Ajo AZ (Ajo is about as far away from anyplace as you can get and still be someplace, assuming Ajo's still there--(copper mining town))...snagged and hauled back east somewhere after several parties inquired...

The JAU I mentioned is NOT a "J" variation, as I found listings showing both the JA and the JAU as 51/8x6...

There IS a JOU, which I'd overlooked on my list, which IS another 4 Cyl 5.1 bore, but I have no stroke...

You might also post on the Fire Truck sites (alfowners and spaamfaa (??) are the only ones that come to mind) as the JJ Schneer/Schnerr "tractor" ( NOT Ag tractor but tractor in the sense of tractor-trailer rig, apparently) and South Bend truck listings were probably for some of their fire eqpmt models. Also HCEA and similar for any used as stand-alone power units or driving gens/pumps/shovels/ditch diggers/tile layers etc..

Any history known on yours, what it came out of/was used for??

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