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1940 Chrysler Royal coupe for restoration


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I've been watching over an original 1940 Chrysler Royal coupe for about two years now. It needs a complete restoration but all big pieces are present, original drivetrain, etc. <P>I want this car to see a proper restoration. It was my dream to do it, but I think now it will have to be someone else's dream. frown.gif" border="0<P>General photos and story of the car: <A HREF="http://neptune.spacebears.com/cars/stories/adjahome.html" TARGET=_blank>http://neptune.spacebears.com/cars/stories/adjahome.html</A> <P>Photos showing the worst of the damage: <A HREF="http://neptune.spacebears.com/cars/stories/adjaclea.html" TARGET=_blank>http://neptune.spacebears.com/cars/stories/adjaclea.html</A> <BR>(the floor is rusted out but otherwise there's not much rust)<P>Man. It hurts to even write this. The only good side is that the money I get for the Chrysler will be put in a special savings account earmarked for restoring the one antique I'm keeping, my 1970 Charger.<P>I guess about $1000 is right for a car like this.<P>Bry

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