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I'm Dylan, i'm from Bettendorf High School and I would like to gather some information on the Pontiac Firebird and the franchise in general for a project. I hope that some of you are still willing to share some information with me. I am primarily interested in the first generation and the 1991 third generation convertible. I owned one but sold it just a few years ago. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Some good items in www.wildaboutcarsonline.com . Road tests, tech info articles, etc., from "back then". Many included (especially the CAR LIFE magazine articles) lots of tech information and such.

There were some common items between the Camaro and Firebird, 1st Gen, but NOT as many as you might expect. Mainly body shell items as each division had their own powertrains and suspensioin tuning operations, back then.

By the time the 3rd Gen came around, there were the same powertrains, but every so often, something different that Pontiac had that Chevy didn't or you needed to go to SLP to get on a Camaro.

Send me a Private Message with your email and I'll send you something "more involved".

Take care,


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Pontiac Firebird, a car Pontiac Division General Manager John Delorean didn't want to build, but was TOLD to build. Delorean wanted a two seat, later four seat Corvette killer. Delorean's car's body features ended up on the Mako Corvette. click on the link for the 1964 Pontiac version;




All done in secret so the corporation wouldn't wind of it, just like the release of the 64 GTO was done.

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