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dusenberg midnight ghost

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Just so you know all the stories about this car are made up. The designers for Franklin Mint made the story up, over time it has come to include them as the relatives in in some stories the grandsons of the original designers. But you can go to Raffi Minasian (one of the Franklin Mint designers) and he says that "Designed with partner Roger Hardnock, as conceived by an unknown coachbuilding team from the past, this concept was historically and creatively interpreted into this unique art deco era concept." Also another clue is that none of the people in the story except for Minasian and Hardnock ever existed. Also the movie mentioned in most of the stories does not exist. But they used a few details (that were used in a very liberal sense) to make it seem somewhat plausible. A Guy De La Roche did exist 800 years ago, the is a La Roche cosmetics company but it is in the UK, and also the last Duesenberg went to the artist Rudolf Bauer in April 1940; it is both the longest Duesenberg and the last one delivered. There was another one made afterwards from the remaining factory parts but it was never delivered to anyone as far as company records show. They mashed the stories of the last 2 Duesenbergs together and a bit of other stuff from history to make a good story for the model car they designed for Franklin Mint. http://www.flickriver.com/photos/ccmonty/2583056960/

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