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I would suggest that you go on Wikipedia and type in King Midget. You'll get a bunch of information about the car. I remember years ago that King Midget advertised in the classified section of Popular Science magazine.

I hope this helps.


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When I was in high school (1965) I sent away for the King Midget catalog. I still have it. There is something fascinating about the King Midget story.

Right after WW2 there were at least a dozen attempts to start new car companies. Some were industrial giants like Henry Kaiser and Joseph Frazer who started the Kaiser Frazer company. Others were just guys with an idea and a dream. Most of them never got off the ground, the most successful was probably Kaiser. It lasted from 1946 to 1955.

Then there was King Midget. Started in Akron Ohio by a couple of pilots, they made tiny cars and motor scooters from 1946 until 1970. In other words from the standpoint of longevity they were the most successful new car company.

To a technical man their funny looking little cars, that resemble a golf cart more than an automobile, are filled with surprising innovations and ingenious solutions to mechanical problems. Owners were impressed by what these tiny cars could do. Even today collectors cherish them and seek them out wherever they can be found. There was even an attempt to put them back in production.

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In 1965 you could buy a brand new King Midget for $665 (dealer cost). A Volkswagen Beetle cost $1600 and a Ford cost $2000.

For that kind of money, many a school boy could save up his paper route money and buy one. Maybe some did. I dreamed about it for quite a while but never got the money together.

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Back in the early 60's I owned a Junior Midget - which was a 2 seat go cart made by the King Midget company. The thing had a tube frame, and, was powered by about a 2HP Briggs and Stratton engine. My father drove to the factory and bought the car, and, we hauled it home in the back of a Jeep Waggoneer. One of my scout leaders back then owned one of the "big" King Midget cars, and, I got to ride in it on several occassions. I remember going down a two lane road in that thing, at about 60 MPH, with it's oversized "lawnmower" engine roaring in its rear end, and feeing that I was sitting about 2 inches above the road in a lawn chair. It kinda scared me at the time.



1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Town Sedan

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