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Come to a Creepy-Crawly!


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Do you have a dependable, but VERY slow, pre-1916 car? A highwheeler? A three-wheeler? A solid-tired truck? A single-cylinder? A tiller-steered steamer? A tiller-steered ANYTHING?

Do you avoid driving it even on one-and two-cylinder tours, because the routes are too long and too hilly, and the big twins leave you far behind? If so, here is a special invitation, just for you.


The 2014 joint AACA/HCCA Reliability Tour for pre-1916 cars is going to offer an alternate set of routes. Every day, there will be a route of 40 miles or less, on lightly-traveled, scenic back roads, to an interesting destination. There will be some hills, but no mountains. There will be one day with some dirt roads and three creek fordings. There will be covered bridges. There will be an Amish upholstery shop, an Amish lunch, and lots of Amish buggies (you might even be able to pass one!) There will be time for shopping. There will be a clock museum, a pretzel factory, and a chocolate factory. We might even find you some ice cream!

We will share the host hotel with the big-car folks. We will have the same breakfasts, dinners, gas-light parade and evening entertainment. On two days we will have the same pre-paid lunch, although we will get to and from it by a much shorter and easier (but just as scenic) route. So we will enjoy the camaraderie of drivers of faster and slower cars from both national clubs, whether we drive a Stutz on a long route or a Sears on a short route.

Is this a tour for a car you can’t count on? No. It’s a Reliability Tour. Whether you drive a 1901 Locomobile or a 1914 Locomobile, the tour’s no fun if the car won’t run. This is a tour for cars that can go anywhere a good, stock Model T can go, but at maybe half the speed. You can have a fun day and still be home for a nap, a shower, and a drink before dinner, even if you never get over 17 miles an hour.

I’m posting this on the websites of both clubs. I’ll be happy to answer questions here on the website, or by private message, but I hope we can stimulate interest from each other from an open discussion. If this works, there could be more tours like it in future years. That’s up to you.

Remember – If your car could do it new, your car can do it now!

Gil Fitzhugh the Elder, Morristown, NJ

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