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For Sale -- Four 600x21 tires, tubes and flaps


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I have a set of four wide white wall 600x21" tires for sale. These include the tubes and the flaps.

They are still in good shape. Lots of tread left; rubber is soft and pliable. Tubes were all good when removed. The only detraction is the white walls are beginning to deteriorate but they should clean up to look a lot better they they are now.

The tires are Lester rib tread and about 30 years old, but because they are Made in USA they are still in quite good shape.

New tires are $299 each, flaps $27, tubes $29 (Lester website).

I'd like $400 for all four tires, flaps and tubes. Plus shipping.

--Scott Dwyer

Troy, NY (near Albany)









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It's both a good thing for reference purposes and bad on for sale items that there is no expiration date on posts to the AACA Forum.

These tires were for sale over a year ago and have been sold.


Scott when I just sold extra issues of some ACN's I had I went back and did a edit of my post stating they were SOLD!!

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