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Not a happy site, but speaks for the period:


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Aside from the sad obvious, the photo says a lot about the Packard, time and place. Photo is part of 1000+ auto accidents from Leslie Jones collection, recently digitized by BPL Boston Public Libr.



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One time, I found a crash-test video of a wood-reinforced metal bodied Chevy coupe into a brick wall. It looked like paper would have been more substantial. The whole body just collapsed as it hit and then bounced back from the barrier. Talk about "impact force absorption"!


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Of course I had to look at all 1000 pics. Apparently folks in Boston back then had a thing for driving into whatever body of water was nearby. I was also struck by how many windshields were broken, obviously by the drivers' or passengers' heads. #978 almost brought tears to my eyes. A '32 Packard 900 Conv "stolen by kids, crashed into pole".

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Other observations of the jazzed up Packard:

Might be a repaint; I see a light shade where hood ornament was.

WWII gasoline ration "A" sticker, "MIT":Student, Mass. Inst. of Technology, Dual painted (blackout era) spotlights , Dual radio antennas and fox tails. dual side mirrors, 1 round, 1 square, Teenager wearing "saddle" shoes. Milk St.(?) sign might put car on Washington St. downtown Boston.

The main web site allows great enlargement; I was able to read "J.C. BRIGGS" stenciled on driver door on a side view of the car.


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