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Just finished putting this together for my 1961 Oldsmobile(S). I have sent an email to Dietz (China) requesting more info if they have any. The case must have been made prior to 1956 because the company relocated to Taiwan that year. There is a foam rubber pad, black in the pictures, about 5/8" thick with holes for the fuses and bulbs. the lower part of the case holds two 5-1/2" sealed beams. It obviously was for traveling by auto with spares for dealing with fuse or bulb failure.

The labels are something I added, there were none in the case when I found it. Don't remember where I found it.

Copies of the bulb and fuse specs (not shown) from the service manual are folded and stored with the sealed beams.

Curious as to whether anyone has seen this case before or has more info about it.

The 94-IF bulb I have been looking for would finish the assortment. There is a 94 in the slot for the 94IF.

Thanx, Davepost-40107-143142278978_thumb.jpg





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I have not seen that one but I did have a similar one that held one headlight bulb and a bunch of smaller bulbs. It had the original label which showed it was made for trucks as it may have been an ICC rule to carry one of these. I used it as an accessory item for my 1937 Dodge truck.


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