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50's question..

Guest gentile3

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Guest gentile3

hi everybody,

im a diehard Pontiac guy, but in package deal I acquired some olds parts that I was looking for a value on and to see if there was any interest in them.

from the numbers, they seem to be 1952/53 parts, im wondering about the inter changeability...both olds years and to other gm products

pedals, bell housing, clutch fork, pressure plate and flywheel...

thanks in advance,







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Sam, far as I know Olds and Cadillac will be the only 50s interchange on these pieces. Someone else who knows more about 40s-50s GM may chime in with better info.

I think Chev and Pontiac used a lighter-duty set-up than the Cad-Olds OHV V8s required.

Good pieces for someone looking to do a stick conversion on a Rocket 88.

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